About Us
​ The Lehigh Acres Senior Citizens Center is unique in that we have at least ten classes or activities going on every day.  The classes do not include our many special events held every month.  Our monthly events include: 

 “Learn at Lunch Bunch” is a group that meets on a Monday at 11:30 a.m., where a sponsor provides a lunch and shares a topic they specialize in.

“Diabetic Support Group” is led by a licensed RN who keeps us up to date on all the issues of diabetes.

”Hot Dog Day” is once a month and is only $2.00 and we provide a hotdog, chips and soda.  We meet on the porch where the aroma of the hotdogs is cooking on the outside grill.

*** Weekly Bingo with up to $250.00 jackpots.***
Believe it or not, the Lehigh Acres Senior Center is one of the busiest places in Lehigh! One might ask how a Senior Center could be busy! The answer is simple; we are an activity center! As an activity center for people 50 and older; we offer daily classes, monthly activities; and great social events. Our members enjoy exercises classes which included Tia Chi, Zumba, Line Dancing; and Ballroom Dancing. We offer craft classes including pine needle basket weaving, teddy bear making, painting, stain glass art classes, quilting, crocheting, woodcarving, card making, and much more! We have activities including Wii bowling, cards games, Karaoke, dances, and holiday parties. The Center has a travel desk where one can sign up for multi-day trips, cruises, one day trips; and BroadwayPalms trips.
There are billiard tables for both men and women. We also have the Golden Shell Boutique where anyone including non-members can shop for unique gifts.